Build Day 7 (4/30/12)

A super short update this time.  Based on weather and the fact that I had some homework due, I only worked on covering the storage compartment with plywood. I am happy to report that I was able to use the scraps of plywood lying around from cuts we had made for the walls.  We still … Continue reading Build Day 7 (4/30/12)

Build Day 6 (4/28/12)

Can you believe we've only had 6 actual days of construction??  I'd like to note that when I say "build day" I mean just that.  There are TONS of days spent on planning and material-gathering.  But on to the important stuff... We started the day by sheathing the other long wall, cutting out openings for … Continue reading Build Day 6 (4/28/12)

Build Day 5 (4/21/12)

Another super productive day on the wee house.  Dad and I put plywood up on 2 walls, starting with one of the long ones. The full sheets went up quickly with only a smigden to saw off in length.  Obviously the hardest sections were where the living room and kitchen window are, but honestly we … Continue reading Build Day 5 (4/21/12)

Build Day 4 (4/20/12)

Today was the most productive day I've had on this project.  Somehow we managed to frame the remaining walls!  It took us about 6.5 hours, which isn't too bad at all considering I (again) insisted on doing a ton of the work.  I have to learn somehow!  And while I'm thinking about it - the … Continue reading Build Day 4 (4/20/12)

Build Day 3 (4/19/12)

A lot happened over the last few days besides building.  I grabbed another heap of pallets to work on in case the weather didn't allow for construction.  I'm considering making wood flooring out of the pieces...we'll see where that idea goes. There's a pile of about 10 pallets waiting for me to dismantle, which I … Continue reading Build Day 3 (4/19/12)

Build Day 2 (4/8/12)

Luckily day 2 was shorter than day 1, but we still got a ton done.  As I noted in the previous post, we bolted down the floor frame to the trailer itself.  After that was done, we finished up the foam board insulation by layering on a thinner sheet over the 2 3/4 inch sheets … Continue reading Build Day 2 (4/8/12)

Build Day 1 (4/7/12)

It finally happened!  The first official build day began with leveling the trailer.  I attempted this by myself so it took considerably longer than if I had help, but we all know that I'm stubborn and determined.  The trailer has a jack on each corner and various sizes of wood underneath to help level it … Continue reading Build Day 1 (4/7/12)

Heating options for the tiny house

Tiny wood stove made by Jotul

It may seem a little early to think about heating the wee house, but it's actually pretty appropriate so I know how to alter the framing if needed.  Will a window be in the way, how will it vent, will it take forever to ship, etc.?  So I'm down to 3 options after a ton … Continue reading Heating options for the tiny house

The trailer is in and pallets have met their match…

Last weekend the trailer came in! This was quite a pleasant surprise, considering I was expecting it to take 4 weeks. For a trailer it looks like a decent size, but seems quite small when you imagine it being a house. Now that it’s in, titled and registered, dad and I are going to find … Continue reading The trailer is in and pallets have met their match…

Tiny House Plans

Although I'm building from plans, this house is going to require a bit of customizing.  The biggest issue at the moment is the overall height because the trailer we ordered seems a little higher off the ground than most, thus requiring some shortening of the walls and changing the pitch of the roof.  I need … Continue reading Tiny House Plans